In addition to skillful programmers, we also have the courage to make massive investments in latest and necessary machines. All types, including bar, forged, casting, CNC lathe or milling machining are all welcomed. We are capable of making brass, stainless steel, steel, aluminum parts.

Our machining team is formed by 150+ machines which include 60 automatic bar-feeding CNC lathe machines and another 60 of CNC lathe or milling machines; the rest is special-purpose machines.

Leakage test, Assembly, Packaging

Other than our skillful machining sector, we also have a well-trained assembly line which can supply our valued customers fully assembled parts per print.

Parts will also be tested by customers’ requests no matter water pressure or air pressure test whichever is needed. Especially, our casting products will be 100% tested before shipped out. All tests will be performed in-house which assures the questionable products will be founded and isolated before they reach the customers.